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European DNS resolution is built with the participation of SZTAKI

The European Commission is planning to introduce a new European online DNS resolution. DNS (Domain Name System) is a service that allows computers connected to the internet to be accessed by easily remembered domain names (e.g. instead of IP addresses (strings of numbers). IP addresses and domain names are linked by so-called DNS servers, a kind of internet telephone book. One of the central elements of this system is the so-called DNS resolver, which can be used to retrieve the names associated with each address, of which a European version is now being developed. The DNS4EU project is an important step towards digital sovereignty in Europe.

DNS4EU is a new European DNS resolver service being developed by an international consortium with SZTAKI. DNS4EU aims to enable EU citizens, companies and institutions to use secure, privacy-preserving, high-performance, recursive DNS. The project is a vital milestone for European Internet sovereignty.

The accompanying press conference is available on the YouTube channel of the consortium leader company, Whalebone (Czech Republic).

For more information, please see the news article on the SZTAKI website.