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HunCERT group

The HunCERT group, which operates within the Hun-REN Institute for Computer Science and Control (HUN-REN SZTAKI), was established and operates with the support of the Council of Hungarian Internet Providers (ISZT).

Our primary role is to provide support in the detection, analysis and management of network incidents that occur among the member organizations of ISZT. Our goal is to help service providers implement appropriate procedures to effectively manage the risk and occurrence of computer network incidents.

In addition, we consider it our mission to raise security awareness among the public. The aim of our educational events, and the news and informative material shared on our website is to help users fully understand the risks associated with internet use and to enable them to protect themselves successfully.

We work closely with other national and international CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) units and related organisations. We are members of the Trusted Introducer group, Team Cymru's CSIRT Assistance programme, and are in daily contact with the Shadowserver Foundation. In 2023, we were accepted as liaison members of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response Teams).

We participated in the Echo project and are currently working as a consortium member on the DSN4EU project.

Our main activities

Team HunCERT

Leader: Ernő Rigó


  • Frigyes Bisztray
  • György Lakatos
  • Géza Malasits
  • Dorottya Medgyesi
  • Pál Ormos
  • Szabolcs Tenczer