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HUN-REN SZTAKI researchers also presented at the IVSZ Smart 2024 conference

Ernő Rigó, Head of the Network Security and Internet Technologies Unit (HBIT) and Dániel Horváth, Researcher at the Engineering and Business Intelligence Research Laboratory (EMI), gave presentations in the Cyber Defence and Data Arena sessions.

Ernő Rigó gave a presentation on "Protected European DNS resolver infrastructure - DNS4EU", a project in which HUN-REN SZTAKI is involved.

Rigó Ernő Prezentál, a képernyőn "Nyilvános DNS resolverek"

Dániel Horváth spoke on "The machine learning revolution - Reinforcement learning in robotics" about the complexity of teaching a robot.

Horváth Dániel prezentál, a képernyőn "A gépi tanulás forradalma"

In addition to the presentations, EPIC InnoLabs, a joint company of HUN-REN SZTAKI and the Fraunhofer Society, was also present at the conference as an exhibitor. The company's managing director, Botond Kádár, also participated in a round table discussion on the topic of company digitalisation. Click here for details.

Photos by IVSZ // József Takács