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Huncert turns 20

This year, the HunCERT group celebrates the 20th anniversary of its foundation and the 25th anniversary of the registration of the domain. Over the past two decades a A close cooperation has developed between HunCERT and HUN-REN SZTAKI, the professional base of HunCERT, which has also become the incident management service provider for the ISZT (Council of Hungarian Internet Providers) member organisations. As a result of many years of excellent cooperation, we have launched several innovative services, including our distributed security detection system Probe, which is used by several service providers in our network, helping to better shape the national cyber security landscape. 

We continue our domestic and international activities in close cooperation with our partner organisations, representing the interests of domestic ISPs. In line with our social responsibility and in order to foster security awareness among young people, we participate in the "No Barriers" event series and student competition together with the ISZT.

We would like to express our gratitude for the support over the past 20 years, the active participation in our safety exercises, the support in incident response, the interesting presentations at our workshops and the inspiring professional community we have been part of.